ViewSonic Tablets And Offerings

ViewSonic Tablets

The first idea about a tablet was developed for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, in 1968. Of course, it was a really and very far fetched idea at the time. Well, it is the reality today and almost every third person in the world has a tablet or some kind of a mobile device in their possession.


So, 40 years later and tablets are now a part of personal computing arsenals. The competition is stronger than ever since every company that deals with computers and such equipment is looking for its golden place under the sun. Manufacturers are looking for new ways how to differentiate their products, adding more unique features with each version of their products.

One of those manufacturers is ViewSonic and they have been producing tablets for more than 15 years now.

Their main goal is to reinvent something new and unseen with each new launch of their product. Their products have been used mostly by businessmen who need to access and use office software on the go.

All of their products, and they have five in the offer, are all perfectly capable of running Windows 7 at least and they come with strong processors and lots of RAM. The good thing is that a ViewSonic’s battery for tablets has enough potential to last about 8-10 hours, depending on what you use the tablet for. The tablets are well equipped with various features and accessories.


You can use these tablets for faster downloads and app functions and some of these gadgets are not using Windows but Froyo, an operating system that offers better functions for these kinds of devices. Web browsing is faster and so are other features. In addition to all this, Froyo supports Adobe Flash which many other tablets do not.

These tablets feature various sensors like G sensors and accelerometers in order to add an interactive layer to motion-sensitive games. In other words, if you like to play with various mobile devices and gadgets, play a game while you are out or check your mail, tablets are for you.


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