Things To Know About HTML5


Even though it is not yet in its final stage as a standard, the adoption of HTML5 is on the rise and this new specification has some really good benefits for the future computer geeks. Just a year ago, HTML5 was nothing more than a vague idea that literally no one cared about. Today, it is almost everywhere and every developer with any programming knowledge what-so-ever is using this programming language for its cyber adventures.


Both Chrome and Mozilla, as well as Microsoft, are really working hard on HTML5 browser support and it is available to everyone who wants it in a limited amount. There are all new widely implemented features that’ll put a big smile on developers’ faces. They already taking advantages of those features and full HTML5 support is almost within their reach.

This specification is reaching an unchanging state very rapidly and it already surpassed XHTML. People who favored parsing with precision used to prefer XHTML but, that is all over now. Many do not know but, HTML always had the looks of XML but, it was never the same thing. That is why many figured out that it would be good to mix those two or take the HTML and just fuse it together with XML.


Hence, XHTML was born and they started working on the second version too. Then came HTML5 and it managed to give the best of both to the developers. And with it, came numerous improvements. Still, the main focus was in applications. It seems that the creators of HTML5 really focused on this because the number of features is simply outstanding.

It is so good that it could easily replace Silverlight or Flash although that will not happen anytime soon, since people like the new stuff better than the old ones, they will probably use the new capabilities of HTML5 more than the previous applications.

html5 (1)

Today, HTML5 has become a full-blown application framework. Almost all toolmakers are using it for their products especially when they have to overcome any development issues. HTML5 simply took over absolutely.


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