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It happened so many times that you watched some spy or a superhero movie when he or she can see through walls or around the corner. Many of you thought to yourself how it would be a handy to have such ability. It would be impressive to say at least.

If this kind of a tech would be available to people all over the world, who knows what would happen. Well, we do not have to wonder anymore because this is available to everyone today with a smartphone camera.


These cameras can detect a moving object hidden around corners. It sounds like it is some technology from future but it is not. The researchers say that this kind of futuristic tech could help drivers see around their blind corners, which would prevent a lot of accidents from happening and eventually, save lives.

CornerCameras System

Instead of having large devices with lasers and mirrors in order to see around the corner, you can now simply use your smartphone camera and it is enough. The natural light in the scene allows a common camera to see around corners and that is it. Simple as that.

CornerCameras System

This new system is known as Corner Cameras and it analyzes the light reflected off objects that are hidden, that falls within the line of camera sight on the ground. This is what is known as the penumbra.

The penumbra is analyzed within a few seconds and this data helps the smartphone to measure the trajectory and speed of objects around corners. Of course, it cannot identify an object, it can only see that it is moving but, that is quite enough for a simple phone camera.

As time passes, these cameras and corner cameras systems will develop into something much stronger that will be able to work in changing lighting conditions and be used by a person with a smartphone.


So, the thing we see in movies can become the reality easily as it already has. With just a few adjustments, we will be able to see around corners and through walls in no time. The aforementioned corner cameras system is literally stitching together large amounts of distinct images and that is how we get the picture of what is happening around the corner.

Since the light needed for the creating of images depends largely on the sun, the future research has but one goal and that is to make CornerCameras system work in changing lighting situations and a variety of conditions. The most common situation is when clouds tend to constantly move in front of the sun. The solutions are at hands for these situations and the researchers will find the option.


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