Recommended trampoline brands


When talking about trampolines, most people picture green and cozy backyard of a family residence, a wide trampoline placed there and children jumping excited and enjoying physical activity on a daily basis. And then there’s the latest group decision in our company to purchase smaller model of the high-quality trampoline, place it in the hall in our company and provide an unusual manner of having fun and relaxing to all our employees. We will list below the best trampoline bands so you could choose the best for yourself.

At first, this emerged solely as the internal idea for improving the working environment in our team, but since we are engaged in providing the latest, interesting and useful articles on various topics to our readers, we’ve decided to explore a bit more detailed best options when purchasing it. Two main criteria every solid trampoline should meet are safety and excitement. Various manufacturers apply various solutions to integrate these elements into their models. According to your personal preferences, space and budget limitations and many more aspects, you will opt for the one that suits your needs best. In an attempt to ease the research process for you, we’ve written down this list of best brands.

Skywalker Trampoline models

This manufacturer has one of the best reputations among providers worldwide and Skywalker trampolines are being sold in thousands of copies annually. The first association to Skywalker is extreme safety. Specific construction preventing significant drifting off the jumping bed prevents jumpers from falling of the trampoline, but it also enables multiple jumpers using it at the same time, without cross sections of jumping tracing. The company provides rectangular and oval shapes of trampolines and the only downside reported by users is relatively limited weight capacity.

Super Combo Trampoline

The full name of this brand is Super Jumper Combo Trampoline and customers reported it to be the best model in the last two years. The model combines elegant, practical and extremely steady construction, high – quality materials, durability and attractive design. Also, considering all the qualities it provides, the prices are rather affordable. Specific enclosure net and frame construction make it lightweight, but steady at the same time. It comes in various shapes, but some families find jumping bed too small for multiple jumpers.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

This impressive trampoline is also known as JumpSport Rebounder and it is one of the most popular brands among people using it to get or stay fit by regular exercising. Namely, one of the main traits of this model is a specific jumping surface with the attached mechanism for changing its firmness. Depending on your exercising goals, you can adjust the firmness and consequentially affect the impact force while jumping. This adjustment doesn’t affect the steadiness of the whole construction, thus the risk of getting injured is continuously low.

Kangaroo Hoppers

This trampoline manufacturer is still occasionally confusing some new customers with its extremely affordable prices followed by high-quality of their products. Kangaroo Hoppers trampolines are mainly designed for children, adjusted for multiple jumpers, integrate durable material, extremely safe enclosure patent and a wide range of design adaptations. These are true enjoyment to children, but to parents as well, since you can rest assured your child is fully secured while playing.


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