Reasons to purchase zero gravity massage chair in 2019


Stressful modern life, sedentary lifestyle, common issues with blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, poor posture due to lack of physical activity, consequential back pain, joints swelling and many more are just some of the reasons degrading the overall quality of health and physical condition of people nowadays. All of these are, also, major reasons why so many people decide to purchase rather popular massage chairs. Among numerous models of massage chairs currently available at the market, zero gravity massage chair in 2019 takes the leading position. This model is favorite to many users due to several benefits and advantage not provided by other massage chair types. Osaki, Omega and Sanyo remain the most reliable, reputable and quality providers of these chairs and here are the reasons to purchase their zero gravity massage chair in 2019.


What is zero gravity massage chair?

The main feature differing this massage chair model from other similar ones is the integrated pressure system. Its main purpose way to relieve the pressure chronically applied onto our spines, particularly its cervical and lumbar area, which are the most prone to consequential disc compression or dislocation syndromes causing chronic pain. Specific pressure system integrated into these massage chairs applies pressure sufficient to annulate the effects of gravity and user’s weight which burden the spine continuously leading to its degenerative changes. It relieves pain immediately, decompresses discs and the nerves trapped in between them and stimulates spinal muscles to improve your posture and overall axillar condition. Specific position of the body while sitting in this chair stretches vertebra and associated ligament and improves circulation and spinal elasticity in no time.

Positive effects onto the rest of the body

Primary benefit of using zero gravity massage chair is seen on the spine, vertebra and surrounding nerves. However, beneficial effects of this chair are recognized on many other organs and parts of the body. Namely, this chair model integrates diffuse application of vibrations, moderate heating, combination of stronger pressure applied onto sensitive spots scattered across the body and finally many additional features, such as swinging, waving, twisting and other dynamic functions. All of this stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, which improves the nutrition of tissues, empowers cardiovascular system and helps elimination of excessive metabolic toxins and fluids. This is beneficial to people with high blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerotic degenerations, kidney diseases or issues with peripheral circulation. It prevents high blood pressure crises, emerging od peripheral knee and joint swelling, muscle tenderness and pain.

Psychological benefits

Zero gravity massage chair successfully fights one of the biggest threats to health nowadays – continuous stress. Its relaxing effect is incredible. Decreased stress intensity will improve your sleeping, quality of lung function, concentration, vision clarity and energize your whole body on a daily basis. It is also helpful to people with frequent headaches and migraine, anxiety or depression. It is not the substitute for healthier diet, medications or actual physical activity, but it goes perfectly alongside with these three, improving your overall health and physical condition.




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