How To Make A Network Server Of Your Computer

Virtual private networks

A server or a network server is nothing more than a system of computers. This system is usually used as the central repository of programs and various data that are shared by the network users. You can easily turn your home computer into a network server.

All you have to have in order to do this is a big hard drive, approximately at least 100 GB, that you can use to store data like various files, music, images, and videos. Avoid wireless connection for attaching the computers, it is unstable.


After you plug your computer into a router and let it run, go to the start button and select settings and then, control panel. You will get the network setup wizard. Pick the second option. It is the option that will use a residential gateway or a router, to connect your computer to the Internet.

After you pass this, you must enter a computer description and the next screen will pop up. This is where you will have to name your new network and you can do that by specifying a workgroup name. Usually, you will be given a recommended option and you should stick to it unless the other computers are using a different workgroup name.

This is the moment where you will see a new screen with the options of turning printer sharing and file on or off.

Pick turn on, and then finish to leave the wizard setup. If you have multiple computers in your home, just repeat the process for any of them and you are good to go.

Virtual private networks

VPN or virtual private network offers a lot of services and it is usually cheaper. If you have remote offices, an intranet VPN would be the best solution for you because you will end up saving a lot of money. The reason is the toll free calls. A remote VPN access makes the most sense if you are a mobile employee.

There is also an extranet VPN and you can use it if you need to connect with people in other businesses. The important thing to know is that there are three kinds of virtual private networks. Remote VPN or a virtual private dial up network is the most common one. This kind of VPN is mostly used by companies in remote locations when they need to establish their own private network.

The other two types are site to site which basically means that multiple sites are connected over a public network like the Internet.

This type of network requires dedicated equipment and large scale encryption and LAN to LAN connection in order to create a password protected network for the employees of the company.

LAN to LAN is always used when a company wants to connect multiple remote connections in order to create one private network. It is the way big companies do it today. All big companies have their own virtual private networks.


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