The Best Gps Tracking Apps In 2017 

GPS Tracking Pro 

Modern technologies have made our life much more comfortable. Before the invention of GPS, people had to use roadmaps in order to get around, but now the situation has changed. Only with one click, you can access any location, anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a perfect app, which will be your guide, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.  


If you are looking for an easy way, as well as the basic app, which will help you share your location, then Glympse is the right choice. In this case, there is no need to access any social network or Google account to sign up.


You just need to choose the length of time and send your location to the recipient, using the link which app provides you. Once the time expires, the recipient will no longer be able to track your location. In addition to this, you aren’t required to install any software.  

MapMyRun GPS Running 

This is a great tracking app for runners, joggers, and walkers and all age groups can use it. With MapMyRun GPS Running you will be able to cover vast distances, measure calories burn and time consumed with audio alerts.


Many people estimate that this app is one of the smartest apps for android. It is quite simple to use; you just need to press the start button and begin with running, walking or jogging. The app will calculate the route, calories, speed, and distance covered per minute.  


It is easy to notice why Sygic is one of the best apps on the market. The app provides high – quality maps for various countries around the world and the best thing about this app it’s that it doesn’t require an internet connection.


As the OS Android progresses, the app follows the progress with the new updates and each one is the better than the last. Sygic is free, and you can download it on Play Store.  

GPS Tracking Pro 

As the name implies, GPS Tracking Pro provides you an opportunity to monitor your loved ones. The tracking happens in real – time and if your phone gets stolen; this app can come as a handy solution.

GPS Tracking Pro 

You just need to log into the website, click on the map and find your phone. GPS Tracking Pro is free, and you can download it using the Play Store.


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