Innovative iPhone Technologies


When the first iPhone hit the stores ten years ago, it mainly revolutionized how companies built and designed cellphones. The releasing of the first wide screen iPod with touch controls was the announcement of a next generation mobile device that made a breakthrough among internet devices.


When you read this it seemed like it was all about three different devices where in fact we were talking about only one device. A mobile phone with wide and touch screen, that is an internet device at the same time, with so many options and features that it can almost fly. This is the moment when a certain standard was set for all modern smartphones.

The sole ditching of the physical keyboard is one of the first things that gave a wide advantage to the users of iPhone. The first thing that distinguishes other phones from smartphones were the QWERTY keyboards.


This required a phone to have a 3.5 inch LCD screen that allows multi-touch technology. It was this technology that enabled smart functions like physics based interaction or pinch to zoom. No phone ever had the screen that covers the entire face of the phone and that was one of the biggest innovations around, in the mobile phone industry.

iPhone was the first phone to feature Google Maps app and now iPhones feature GPS with Google Maps which supports satellite navigation capability. This became a standard in smartphones today.

The other innovations that iPhone introduced to the wider audience were The App Store and fingerprint scanners. Apple was not the first company to integrate a fingerprint scanner although it is the one responsible for it being popular.


Since iPhones were literally just big wide screens, this led to an obvious downside of it, the smashed screen. This was the most experienced downside that all users had to go through so it was time for another innovation. This is how they came up with Gorilla Glass which is completely scratch and crack resistant became the gold standard for all smartphones and other mobile devices. iPhone really stepped up the game.


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