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Taking care of dogsIf you have a pet dog, one of your most important concerns should be keeping your dog healthy. Having a healthy dog will help you keep your sanity. After all, an unhealthy dog will have countless issues. Your pet might even develop serious illnesses such as lymphosarcoma or osteosarcoma! An unhealthy dog will be less playful, break your heart and cost you a lot of money as well. It’s best to keep your dog as healthy as possible to avoid everything inconvenient and heartbreaking about having a sick pet.

One of the most important things to do with regards to keeping your dog healthy is to make sure that your dog is getting proper exercise. Most of the time, taking your pet for regular walks and playing fetch in the garden would be enough exercise but not all pet owners have the liberties of a big yard or enough time to walk your dog at the nearby park. Especially during the cold season, walking outdoors can be such a pain. Having no time can easily be resolved by hiring a dog walker. Having no yard is also not that big of a problem because you have the option of going for indoor exercises instead.

It’s simpler than you think. More importantly, your precious pet will get the exercise it deserves! Here are some indoor exercises that you can try for your pet indoors:

    1. Obstacles – you can set up obstacle courses that your dog needs to go through. You can reward your pet once the course has been completed. Having an obstacle course will help your dog exercise mentally as well, so you’ll have all areas covered.

  1. Tug of War – this is an excellent exercise that your pet will surely love. You can use a rope or a toy for this. Be wary though because it might awaken the predator instinct in your pet.
  2. Treadmill – get your dog on the treadmill if you have one. It’s easy to do especially if you use it regularly yourself. Your dog will be familiar with it so all you’ll need to do is persuade your dog to get on the treadmill and you can get started by giving treats to keep your pet on the treadmill. As your pet gets used to it you can increase the speed gradually.
  3. Fetch – fetch may be an old method but it hooks dogs all the time, so it’s an effective exercise that your dog can’t ever resist.
  4. Stair Exercise – If you have stairs at home, you can utilize it for your dog’s exercise. With the help of toys and treats, you can have your dog running up and down the stairs. It’s a great way to exercise.

These are just some of the easy exercises that you can do to cleverly keep your dog fit and healthy. These are perfect especially when it is freezing outside. This way, you don’t have to turn into a popsicle to keep your dog healthy in winter!